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Gold - our top level mastering service is charged per day rather than per track and the artist is in complete control of how much of the mastering engineers time they want to use and how many versions of the mastered tracks are required. This service includes dedicated time with the mastering engineer to discuss exactly what the artist wants from the mastering process.

£400 per day.

Mastering Audioarchitects mixing and mastering to CD and digital distribution

Silver - our intermediate level service is also fixed price per track and allows for additional dialogue between the artist and the mastering engineer with the creation of up to 3 mastered versions of each track. As each version is created the artist provides feedback to the mastering engineer who will incorporate the required changes in the next version. We do this all by email and file transfer for upto 3 versions per track.

£150 per track.

Bronze - this is our entry level mastering service. It is designed to provide a cost effective way for artists to have a mastering engineer apply tangible improvements to the final stereo mix and prepare for CD or digital distribution. We use the same mastering engineer, the same professional mastering tools but we keep the cost down by providing a 'one shot' service - you email the tracks, we master and return them to you for a fixed price per track.

£20 per track.

Steve Marchant is the founder of Audioarchitects. Having started out as an Electronics Engineer and following a career as a Technologist working for several national and international organisations, Steve realised his passion for great sounding music about 10 years ago. Since then he has built a studio, worked as a live sound engineer for many bands and artists and more recently entered the field as a Mastering Engineer. Through Audioarchitects Steve continues to fulfill opportunities to make the talent of artists of any genre shine through whether in concert, in the studio or applying the final touch to achieve an exceptional and refined sound. audioarchitects mixing and mastering to CD and digital distribution. mixing and mastering to CD and digital distribution in Cheltenham.

What we do

The most important aspect of mastering is critical listening using quality monitoring and experienced ears and being able understand and pinpoint what an artist wants form the process. Supporting this we use delicate EQ, multi band compression, loudness maximising and many other techniques to make your track sound better. We prepare the final product and QA it ready for individual Red Book CD creation, digital distribution or DDP for CD pressing.

refined sound engineering​