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audioarchitects live sound engineering

audioarchitects in Cheltenham

audioarchitects live sound engineering

mixing and mastering to cd and digital distribution in Cheltenham

live sound engineering in Cheltenham

Quality sound production is not only for performing artists. As any successful business knows, a good product or idea has to be presented well if it is to be noticed. Audioarchitects can give your message impact, both in how you as the presenter are perceived and in the soundscape that supports your presentation. Pristine sound that everyone can hear and feel moved by is something that will forge a lasting memory of your event.

Conferences, launch events & parties

Some of the best performances any band or solo artist gives is when they are performing live in front of an audience with a passion for their art. Often, this is lost in a studio situation and no expensive location or equipment can capture that feel. Every artist knows it. But what if you could take a studio style multitrack recording of your live performance and mix it or add tracks to it in a comfortable studio afterwards. Audioarchitects have the knowhow.

On location & Live multitrack recording

Artist startup

Just like any startup business, performing artists such as bands and solo singers need to make themselves known; they need a web presence and probably some demo songs that prospective talent hunters, show and festival organisers can gain ready access to and which presents a professional image to suit the talent of the artist. Audioarchitects can help performing artists to open up their market.

Live PA with sound engineer for bands and festivals

Mastering is the final stage in production where the sound of an album or other creative product is refined and prepared for distribution on CD, Youtube or other digital distribution channel. Our mastering services are accessible to all  through our Bronze, Silver and Gold services. Read more.....

Properly mixed band performances with quality PA and up to 6 monitor mixes. As well as providing truly analogue desks Audioarchitects use digital mixing desks with full show recall so we can setup a show to your exact and known requirements at a push of a button.

Mastering for CD, Youtube and digital distribution

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